Patrick Burnell – Day of Reckoning

Set out on a dreamlike hero’s journey in the bittersweet, flamenco-spiked guitar notes of Patrick Burnell’s debut album, Day of Reckoning. This 10-track, shapeshifting epic leads you from dusty steps on a desert road to chilling ceremonial processions, drops you in sheltered clearings, and pits you against forces who may be friends but could just as easily be foes.

It is a retrospective on the swells of selfhood, trust and doubt, with all the hidden helpers and pitfalls that cross one’s path. Take the journey once or many thousands of times, until you can no longer tell the difference between creation and closure.

Day of Reckoning invites you to kneel at the throne of a high priestess. Get abducted by aliens. Plunge into the heart of a sizzling electrical storm and live to tell the tale.

–Lindsay Myers